Getting paid for the work you do is great, but having a job that keeps you learning, motivated and happy is even better. Below is a sneak peek of some of the benefits and rewards that we offer.

Get Your Share

Share in the growth of our Company! With our share ownership plan, colleagues can contribute a percentage of their earnings to purchase Loblaw stock, and the Company matches their contribution by 25%. See our Investor Relations section for information about Loblaw’s share price.

Shop and Save

Our Colleague Discount Program entitles our colleagues at our corporate stores, distribution centres and offices to a 10% discount on eligible products sold at Loblaw corporate stores. It’s just another way we show our appreciation for our colleagues.

Dedication to Learning and Growth

Loblaw encourages ongoing career development through online and in-house training programs, tuition assistance, and support for professional designations. Loblaw also offers post-secondary scholarships for colleagues and their eligible family members. 

Refer a Friend

Through our Refer a Friend Program, eligible colleagues can earn money for every successful full-time or part-time hire they’ve referred to the Company!

Enjoy the Perks

WorkPerks™ gives Loblaw colleagues access to special deals and discounts from companies we all know and love.

Get Fit

Loblaw colleagues enjoy the benefit of corporate rate fitness club memberships – for themselves as well as their eligible family members! Stay fit, have fun and save money!

Flexible Work Arrangements

Colleagues working at our offices may have the opportunity to participate in flexible work programs, including telecommuting and compressed work-week schedules.

Other Programs

Loblaw offers competitive benefit programs, including health care and opportunities for retirement savings and investment.

Keeping You in the Loop

With thousands of colleagues working in our stores, distribution centres and offices across Canada, we make a special effort to keep everyone in the loop. Loblaw publishes a bi-monthly newsletter and hosts regular town-hall-style meetings for colleagues. Also, the Company conducts surveys to get input from colleagues, and engages colleagues in driving change.

Helping You Help Others

We think that giving your time to a charity or not-for-profit community organization is one of the best things you can do. That’s why we want to help colleagues do even more through our Volunteer Grant Program. Loblaw colleagues who volunteer a certain amount of their time to a charitable or not-for-profit organization can apply for a $500 donation to that organization from Loblaw.