We believe that continuous learning is important for all of our colleagues. Learning is not just about keeping up to date on the latest industry trends. It’s an important source of motivation, stimulation, engagement and job satisfaction for you. Here’s how we have invested in your learning.

Learning and Talent Development

In Learning and Talent Development, our mission is to provide timely and targeted learning experiences to colleagues that support the Company’s priorities and goals. From training in operations, to leadership, to management development programs, and even consulting, our goal is to help you improve your job performance, support your personal growth and help you develop your career.

Our Approach

We are committed to evolving and growing our business in smart, new ways that offer personal growth opportunities. The Learning and Talent Development team supports continuous learning by providing blended learning solutions with a focus on sound design and adult learning principles. We build outcome-based training solutions that generate measurable results and drive business performance.

We have a central online resource for learning that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any device with internet access. You will find training solutions that will help you build your knowledge and skills, development tools to support you on the job, opportunities to use shared learning resources, and ways to monitor your personal progress and success.

Colleagues are encouraged to enhance their skills by taking online courses and registering for live training events.

We are dedicated to doing what is best for learners by thinking forward.


Your first day, first week, first month and first three months on the job are critical time periods. We want to make sure that you receive everything you need to be a successful, contributing member of our team. Orientation is made up of a series of information sharing sessions, on-the-job activities, and regular check-ins. The Loblaw Orientation Program familiarizes you with Loblaw, your department and your job.