We understand that much of Loblaw’s success depends on us acting responsibly in providing customers with quality products at great prices. We also recognize that because of our size and impact, we can be a powerful force – to the benefit of individuals, communities and our country.

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments link to our business through five principles – Respect the Environment, Source with Integrity, Make a Positive Difference in Our Community, Reflect Our Nation’s Diversity, and Be a Great Place to Work. These principles help guide the way we do business.

The Loblaw CSR Committee is responsible for championing corporate social responsibility across the company. Committee members represent various areas of our business and bring unique perspectives and abilities to the table. With input from customers and colleagues, committee members work in teams to develop the priorities, metrics and accountabilities within the five CSR principles. Each member also works with his or her executive sponsor, and is responsible for integrating CSR into our culture and ensuring our commitments are met. Loblaw management, colleagues and the CSR Committee work together to develop and achieve measurable goals. Performance against our goals is reported through vehicles such as our annual CSR report.