5 things to know about the ESG report

May 5, 2022

The cover of the ESG report, which is a collection of images of different colleagues in stores.

If you’re looking for an overview of the many things we are doing to deliver on our purpose, to help Canadians live life well, look no further than our just-released 15th annual ESG Report (the “Report”).  We encourage everyone to read the Report(Open in a new tab), because it covers A LOT of ground on our environmental, social and governance commitments.  But if you’re pressed for time, here are the Top 5 things we think you should know about the Report: 

1. There are two components to our efforts. 

We’re focused onfighting climate change and advancing social equity. Both of these are generational challenges that will require individual and corporate action to solve, and as a family business, we can take a long-term perspective on both.   

2. We’re (still) focused on carbon reduction. 

You might have heard that we achieved the carbon reduction targets we set for ourselves back in 2016, well ahead of schedule.  So we set new goals!  Now, we plan to achieve net-zero emissions for our own enterprise footprint by 2040 (known as Scope 1 and Scope 2), and net-zero by 2050 for Scope 3 emissions, which includes those generated by suppliers.  This is a very big deal. 

3. We hate waste. 

That’s both food waste and plastic waste.  We plan to send zero food waste to landfill by 2030, and over the next 24 months, we expect every one of our stores to achieve measurable food waste reductions.  We’re also reducing plastic waste, by making all control-brand and in-store plastic packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.  And, we invested $1M in plastics research and community clean ups. 

4. Advancing Social Equity takes many forms 

We’re deploying an inclusion training program to all 200,000 of our colleagues. We plan to achieve representation goals for our management, executives and Board of Directors by the end of 2024.  We’re supporting President’s Choice Children’s Charity, with the goal of helping feed one million children annually by 2025.  We’re supporting the efforts of the LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug MartTMprogram to help women stay healthy and safe through improved access to care.  And more. 

5. 2021 was a record year for giving 

Last year – thanks to the generosity of our customers, colleagues, employees and partners – we raised and donated a record $96M to help fund research, support charities and various not-for-profits across Canada.