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A photo of a blue reusable shopping basket with the maxi logo on the side sitting on sand outside.

From supermarket to shoreline: Chantal’s fight against plastic waste

Every day for the past seven years, Chantal Veilleux has visited the Lac des Soeurs in her hometown of Val-D’Or. “I like to go walking there with my dogs,” says the assistant manager of the city’s Maxi supermarket. But this past summer, she started to notice that the lake and trail that encircles it started filling up with trash.She had approached her municipality and the local police for help but received no response. So, when Chantal got the email from Montreal-based colleague Karine Mondor about participating in the Ocean Wise Shoreline Cleanup program, an initiative from the conservation organization to clean up pollutants and plastic waste in our waters sponsored by Loblaw, she jumped at the chance.

A photo of vegetables spread together.

What I need you to know about food waste

Nearly 30 people officially sit on Loblaw’s Food Waste Reduction Committee, with dozens more supporting the committee as it pursues a very important mandate – to develop the relationships, processes and reporting mechanisms required for Loblaw to send zero food waste to landfill by 2030.

A photo of inside one of Loblaw’s stores that shows the LED lights and refrigeration.

Environmental improvements you won’t see in our stores

Unfortunately, there are environmental consequences to running a network of retail stores and pharmacies that serve nearly every community in the country. But you should know that we take our environmental impact seriously, as evidenced by the work we are doing to minimize the carbon footprint of our operation. One area of specific focus for us is store-level adaptations, especially around how we heat and cool our facilities, and how we better manage fridge and freezer cooling. These are often invisible changes that can have a massive impact.

A photo of sokeysalmon at the seafood counter inside one of Loblaw’s stores.

Loblaw's journey to a sustainable seafood future

October is National Seafood Month, and for over a decade, Loblaw has been at the forefront of the sustainable seafood movement in Canada, a commitment that extends far beyond our shores to impact fisheries and ecosystems worldwide.

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We make health and wellness accessible. Our team of more than 5,000 professionals includes pharmacists, dietitians, opticians and more. Our software solutions, like electronic medical records, connect health providers with patients and each other.

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