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Stores across Canada

90% of Canadians

Live within 10 kilometres of one of our locations


Canadians employed in full- and part-time positions

More than 18 million

PC OptimumTM members

3 million

PC Financial® Mastercard® cardholders

Our story

Proudly Canadian, we are a fourth-generation family business, serving communities across our country since 1919.


4 men in white coats standing in front of the first Loblaw Groceteria store.

The first Loblaw Groceterias store opens in Toronto

The new self-serve, cash-and-carry concept of grocery retailing is a big hit with customers, who take advantage of quality goods at lower prices.


Group of colleagues with friends and family gather outside of store.

Loblaw Groceterias expansion

Loblaw Groceterias expands throughout Ontario and into New York State, forming an American company headquartered in Buffalo.


Group of colleagues with friends and family gather outside of store.

Groceterias expands into Chicago, Illinois

With 69 stores, a new state-of-the-art Loblaw head office and warehouse is unveiled at Fleet and Bathurst streets, along today’s Lake Shore Boulevard, in Toronto.


Group of men in white coats in front of new Loblaw store.

Introducing market stores

Loblaw introduces its new “market stores,” with full-service meat and produce departments.


Portrait of T.P. Loblaw

T. P. Loblaw, dubbed the “Merchant Prince” by the press, dies at age 60

After arriving in Toronto with only a few dollars in his pocket, he got a job in a grocery store. At this time Loblaw Groceterias included more than 150 stores.


Loblaws store opening newspaper advertisement

Changing the store name

The name Loblaws® appears on storefronts for the first time, replacing Loblaw


Murray Koffler in white coat pouring liquid from one glass jar into another

A succession

Shoppers Drug Mart® Founder Murray Koffler succeeds his father and runs two Koffler’s drug stores in Toronto, Ontario


1949 Weston's annual report cover containing husband holding groceries alongside wife, son and daughter walking city streets

W. Garfield Weston acquires 100,000 shares of Loblaw stock

Grocery bag-wielding families begin appearing on the cover of Weston annual reports. By the early 1950s, George Weston Limited has controlling interest of Loblaw.


Drawing of 1953 Loblaws grocery store building with cars and people outside

Loblaw brings innovation to its "super markets"

Stores roll out technology like air conditioning and automatic doors. In the 1950s, stores expand. Parking lots get bigger to welcome new, suburban-class shoppers.


Checkout counters in 1956 Loblaws store

Loblaw Companies Limited incorporates

The new company acquires Loblaw Groceterias in Ontario and Loblaw Inc. in the U.S. It also soon takes controlling interest in American grocery chain National Tea.


Lucky Green Stamps illustration

Loblaw's first loyalty program: Lucky Green Stamps

Customers save stamps they earn by shopping, then redeem them for gifts. The Loblaw Lucky Green Stamp Gift Catalogue is a mainstay in many homes.


Murray Koffler in white suit speaking to mother and kids in store

First private-label products

Murray Koffler opens a 4,000 square-foot drug store at the Shoppers World plaza in Toronto. The company's first Life Brand® products hit the shelves.


Big V Drug Stores logo

Shoppers Drug Mart® expands in Ontario

Shoppers Drug Mart® merges with Plaza Drug Stores. The deal brings the total number of Shoppers Drug Mart stores to 52 in Ontario.


Cunninghams building on corner of a street

Shoppers Drug Mart® expands in the West

Shoppers Drug Mart® enters the Western Canada market with the purchase of 87 Cunningham Drug Stores in British Columbia and Alberta.


W. Galen Weston in produce section of grocery store

W. Galen Weston named Chief Executive Officer

Amid price wars, Weston re-imagines Loblaw with redesigned stores and a new logo. Canadian actor William Shatner features in a new ad campaign.


Customers lined up outside Pharmprix building

First Pharmaprix® store opens in Quebec

Shoppers Drug Mart® continues its cross-country expansion, opening its first store in Quebec under the Pharmaprix® banner.


Shelf full of no name fabric softener

The no name® brand hits the shelves

The brand, with its unique packaging, matches the quality of national brands at a lower price. The no name brand features in the first no frills® store in Toronto.


Page of insider's report with Dave Nichol holding a puppy wearing a Santa Clause hat

Dave Nichol's Insider's Report® publication debuts

The flyer contains product reviews, cartoons and tongue-in-cheek commentary. It's a hit with shoppers. Some describe it as a mix of Mad Magazine and Consumer Reports.



The debut of President's Choice® products

The new line quickly gains a following. Shoppers praise the quality and value of the products. Soon, the brand appears on everything from toasters to train sets.


Page from 1985 insider's report of Dave Nicol holding puppy in tuxedo and santa clause hat

PC® Teddy is born

Dave Nichol pays top dollar for a designer teddy bear, which inspires a PC® brand version. The PC® Teddy is made with soft plush stuffing and offered at a great price.


Shoppers Drug Mart building

Two firsts for Shoppers Drug Mart®

Shoppers Drug Mart® opens the first two 24-hour, full-service drug stores in Ontario. The same year, the company opens its first in-store Canada Post outlet.


PC The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie package

The debut of an icon

The Decadent® Chocolate Chip Cookie features butter and real chocolate chips. The cookie becomes the top PC product. With more than double the chips of the leading brand, it becomes Canada’s best selling cookie.


Group of President's Choice GREEN products

The first President's Choice G.R.E.E.N.® products

This product line is for the growing number of Canadians who care about the environment. It includes more than 100 planet-friendly products.


Presidents Choice Children's Charity  logo

Launch of the President's Choice Children's Charity

The charity makes life easier for kids who live with physical or developmental challenges. Every dollar donated goes straight to helping kids and their families.


Female pharmacist consulting female customer

Helping patients manage their health

Shoppers Drug Mart introduces HealthWATCH®, setting a new standard of pharmacy care. The 500th Shoppers Drug Mart store opens.


Basket of PC products

Nutrition Facts added to the PC® brand

The new labels come more than a decade before mandated by Health Canada.


Big V Drug Stores logo

Shoppers Drug Mart® expands in Ontario

The company acquires 135 Big V drug stores in Ontario.


Home Health Care storefront

First Shoppers Home Health Care® store

The Ontario-based store offers products for home care and assisted daily living. These include items like supports and braces, incontinence and ostomy products.


PC Financial kiosk in store

PC Financial® launches

President's Choice Financial® offers no hassle, no fee, full-service, in-store banking. At launch, one headline jokes "Dear, please pick up milk and a mortgage."


Provigo storefront

Loblaw acquires Provigo®

Loblaw acquires Quebec-based Provigo® grocery chain.


Shoppers Optimum card

The Shoppers Optimum program launches

Program members earn points on almost every product they buy at Shoppers Drug Mart® stores. Points are redeemed in store. After just one year, the program has six million members.


Group of PC Organics products

PC® Organics debuts

The new line follows strict guidelines from the National Standard of Canada on Organic Agriculture. Products are certified by a third party.


Toronto Stock Exchange building

Shoppers Drug Mart® public offering

Shoppers Drug Mart® Corporation is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


Shoppers Drug Mart building

Two firsts for Shoppers Drug Mart®

Shoppers Drug Martᴹᴰ opens its first large-format store. The first Tree of Life® campaign launches to raise money for local charities.


Entrance of beauty boutique

Launch of BeautyBOUTIQUE by ShoppersTM locations

Customers can shop for cosmetics and fragrances in a boutique-like setting. Shelves now include high-end brands once sold only in department and specialty stores.


Group of President's Choice Blue Menu products

PC® Blue Menu® line debuts

The launch includes more than 80 products to make healthy living easy. The packaging design showcases the nutritional benefits of each product.


Joe Fresh logo in store

Joe Fresh® apparel business arrives

The clean, crisp, fashionable and affordable clothing line is designed by Joe Mimran, founder of Club Monaco. With the latest looks, the brand attracts attention.


medisystem logo

Medisystem acquisition

Shoppers Drug Mart® acquires Medisystem Technologies Inc. The company provides pharmacy products and services to long-term care homes.


PC Green resuable shopping bag with products inside

Introducing the PC G.R.E.E.N.® reusable shopping bag

The bag is made from 85% post-consumer recycled plastic. With weekly use, one bag diverts up to 100 plastic bags from landfill.


Shoppers Drug Mart storefront

Shoppers Drug Mart® celebrates 1000th store

The same year, the company introduces Simply Pharmacy, a small-format pharmacy located in medical buildings and clinics.


Cover of report titled 'The Way We Do Business"

Loblaw's first Corporate Social Responsibility report

Loblaw documents its commitments in five areas: environment, sourcing, community, diversity and workplace.


Real Canadian Superstore storefront sign

Opening of flagship environmental store

The Ontario Superstore cuts refrigeration discharge by 85%. A first-of-its kind low-temperature system reduces carbon emissions by 15%.


Specialty Health Network Office building

Acquisition of the Health Access Division of Calea Ltd.

The acquisition creates Shoppers Drug Mart Specialty Health Network. The new division provides specialty drug distribution and patient support services.


T and T storefront

Loblaw acquires T&T Supermarket

Loblaw takes a major step to better serve the country's largest growing customer group. T&T is Canada's leading Asian food retailer.


Containers of No Name Pink Salmon certified sustainable

Empty seafood trays highlight at risk fish

Loblaw commits to offer 100% of seafood from sustainable sources by the end of 2013. Empty trays displayed at seafood counters identify fish at risk.


Shoppers Drug Mart women's health logo

Debut of Shoppers Drug Mart WOMEN

The company focuses its giving and community investment in support of women's health -- body, mind and spirit.


Shelf of President's Choice Black Label green olives

Launch of PC® black label collection

The collection brings shoppers the finest foods from around the world. Each product has a story to tell about where it's from, who produces it and why it was chosen.


Inside of Loblaws Maple Leaf Gardens

Loblaws® at Maple Leaf Gardens

The Canadian landmark is reborn as Food’s Greatest StageTM. Shoppers enjoy a new and exciting food shopping experience.


PC Plus card

Introducing PC Plus®

This digital loyalty program rewards members with offers on the food they love most. The program pays attention to what customers buy to create a customized experience.


Choice Properties logo

Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust is born

Choice REIT is created to optimize the value of Loblaw's real estate portfolio over time. At launch, the REIT's portfolio includes 435 properties.


Shoppers Drug Mart storefront

Loblaw acquires Shoppers Drug Mart®

The deal brings together two of the most recognized and trusted Canadian brands. With the country’s largest network of stores, customers will have more choice, value and convenience.


3 women in running outfits posing in front of Shoppers Love You background

Launch of LOVE YOU by ShoppersTM program

The program helps women make their health a priority through events like the LOVE YOU by ShoppersTM run for Women event, Growing Women's Health and bi-annual beauty galas.


A phone with the PC Optimum app on screen.

PC OptimumTM launches

Loblaw brings together two of Canada's most popular loyalty programs. Members earn and redeem loyalty points across more than 2,400 Loblaw's stores and e-commerce sites.


Management board

Per Bank

President and CEO

Richard Dufresne

Chief Financial Officer

Frank Gambioli

President, Market Division

Nick Henn

Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

Tina Lee

Chief Executive Officer of T&T Supermarkets

Jeff Leger

President, Shoppers Drug Mart

Mary MacIsaac

Senior Vice President, Marketing

David Markwell

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Analytics Officer

Mike Rinaldi

Senior Vice President, Business Enablement & Enterprise Procurement

Melanie Singh

President, Hard Discount Division

Lauren Steinberg

Senior Vice President, Loyalty, Media & Digital

Rob Wiebe

Chief Administrative Officer

Mark Wilson

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Board of directors

Galen G. Weston

Chairman and Director

Scott B. Bonham


Shelley G. Broader


Christie J.B. Clark


Daniel Debow


William A. Downe


Janice Fukakusa


M. Marianne Harris


Kevin Holt


Claudia Kotchka


Sarah Raiss


Cornell Wright


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