A match made in food heaven

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Close-up of a shopping cart in a grocery store aisle with a foodrescue.ca basket inside
Autonomous truck in front of a Loblaws location

Future is bright with self-driving trucks

Loblaw’s partnership with Gatik, a technology company specializing in autonomous (often called “self-driving”) vehicles to help companies make short-haul deliveries, was in the works long before the pandemic. But COVID allowed that partnership to flourish.

Crystal standing in a distribution centre

Crystal paves the path less travelled

When Crystal Furey began her career over 20 years ago, she rarely saw another female in the room. She graduated as an industrial engineer from the Technical University of Nova Scotia, where she was one of just six women in the class. Today, she’s the only female General Manager of distribution at Loblaw. She leads two of Atlantic Canada’s five Loblaw Distribution Centres: DC 21 in Halifax and DC 15 in St. John’s.

Six colleagues in yellow shirts with their arms up

Old shirts get new life

Old t-shirts. We’ve all got them. But our store colleagues may have a few more than most, as t-shirts are often used for in-store campaigns. But what happens to them when the campaign is over? How about giving them a new life, a new purpose?

Scott poses in uniform while on a peacekeeping mission and the two medals he earned on that tour

Scott remembers his fellow soldiers

For Scott Winkler, Remembrance Day is personal. It’s about honouring the men and women — including those he served alongside in the Canadian Military — who made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of peace and freedom. Scott, a Transportation Reconciliation Specialist who typically works out of our Maple Grove distribution centre in Cambridge, Ont., served three years as a member of the 1st Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment in the early 1990s.

 Female barista standing behind counter of Starbucks kiosk

Ange-Lyne signs in

Earlier this summer, a manager at a Loblaws® store in Ottawa captured a short video of a heartwarming scene: 21-year-old barista Ange-Lyne Patenaude using sign language to communicate with a regular customer who is deaf and usually gives his order by typing it on his phone.

Reflection of a woman using the interactive mirror in a Joe Fresh fitting room

Magic mirror on the wall

At the newest Joe Fresh® store in Toronto, the fitting rooms feel like they’re from the future. The flagship, which opened in September at the historic West Block building at Bathurst and Lakeshore, has five interactive smart mirrors customers can use when trying on clothes.

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