Driverless vehicles hit the road

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Gatik's Autonomous Vehicle outside of Loblaw Head office
Rose and Casey stand side by side in the produce section of Casey’s store
Diversity and inclusion

Rose shares her transition journey

When Rose Johnston began hormone therapy in 2017, it was her first step on her path of transitioning from male to female and it felt “amazing.” “It felt like finally a step towards being comfortable in my own skin,” says Rose, who had dealt with gender dysmorphia since puberty. “I always felt very stifled, like I was hiding and embarrassed. It felt so good to be out from under that.”

A photo of many of the products that will be changing their packaging.

Loblaw overhauls plastic packaging

Plastic isn’t just one uniform material—and that creates challenges when it comes time to recycle it. Canadians generate more than three million tonnes of plastic every year, and less than 10% is recycled in the way consumers think it is.

Greg stands in front of the Loaves and Fishes Community Food Bank truck with members of the food bank.

Greg supports his local food bank

For the 13 years he’s been the manager of Real Canadian Superstore in Nanaimo, B.C., Greg Welgan has worked closely with the local food bank. “One in seven people in Nanaimo uses the food bank,” Greg says. “Our mission is to feed everyone—people walk into our store on a daily basis because they depend on feeding their families, and in the current environment of inflation that is getting harder and harder to do.”

Jade sits inside the Joe Fresh office with pieces of the collection behind her. 
Products and services

Designing a summery, sustainable collection

Every Joe Fresh x Jillian Harris collection starts the same way: with inspiration from Harris herself. “The starting inspiration will initially come from Jillian’s side because she has a special but relatable point of view,” explains Jade DeGraff, Designer, Special Projects at Joe Fresh.

Ryan stands with the PC Ube Boba Cream Pie dessert from this year’s Summer Insiders
Products and services

Celebrate summer with PC Ube Boba Cream Pie

You’ve never had anything quite like it. That’s what product developer Ryan Hay says about the new PC® Filipino inspired Ube Boba Cream Pie, included in this year’s PC® Insiders ReportTM Summer Edition.

A photo of the front cover of the 2022 ESG report

5 highlights from the 2022 ESG Report

We recently released our 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), which provides a great overview of the many things we’re doing to deliver on our purpose – helping Canadians Live Life Well®. This is our 16th annual ESG Report and we encourage everyone to read the report, as it demonstrates our decades-long track record of leadership and meaningful action in our commitment to the environment, the social diversity that defines Canada, as well as reliable and ethical corporate governance practices.