Food waste

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Reducing food waste is complicated. Although some degree of waste is unavoidable, a large part of it is unnecessary and unacceptable. We are tackling food waste head-on with an ambitious plan to reduce or divert the waste we produce by 50% by 2025, measured against 2016 baseline results. With a clear target and action plan in place, we are making good progress on this critical journey through various innovative programs. 

Supply chain efficiencies   

We have invested in sophisticated inventory systems to improve our procurement practices, and are using data tracking tools in-store to analyze product lifecycles. We are now able to ensure the right amount of food is ordered, and are able to shorten our supply chains to help keep food fresher, and for longer.  

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Through our partnership with Flashfood, we sell food nearing its best before date for up to 50% off the shelf price. Our customers are able to save money while helping eliminate food waste. Flashfood has been introduced in more than 500 stores, resulting in the elimination of more than five million kilograms of potential food waste in 2020.

Young woman holding box of fresh vegetables in front of a Flashfood banner.


Food banks  

To date, we have matched nearly 600 of our stores with food banks and food recovery agencies across Canada, helping reduce the amount of perishable food going to landfill and providing people facing food insecurity with healthy alternatives.

In 2020, we donated more than five million kilograms of food to food banks and food recovery agencies. We also committed $1 million to Second Harvest over the next five years to on-board additional stores to the in a new tab) platform, helping to make food more accessible to those in need.

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