BGC Day: A celebration of community collaboration

July 4, 2024

Julie stands inside her store in front of the Joe Fresh department.

This June, all 11 of our Ottawa Loblaws stores came together to help raise money for BGC (formerly known as Boys and Girls Club) Day. The stores hosted a day filled with charity BBQs, face painting, raffles and more, in support of BGC Ottawa to make it an unforgettable day of giving back.  

"Our support for BGC Ottawa is deeply rooted in the significance they hold for children as a safe space where they can simply be themselves,” says Julie Aboud, District Manager. 

Loblaws has had an active partnership with BGC for the past eight years, with Julie guiding this partnership, alongside the store managers. This year, Julie wanted to do something different. 

“I thought it would be amazing if we could have youth from the clubs asking for donations in our stores. The energy in the store from the colleagues was amazing, and the kids who volunteered gained knowledge of our stores and truly had a fun day.”  

Four of the participating Loblaws stores had kids from BGC help collect donations from customers. They pitched in by bagging groceries, assisting colleagues in bringing items to customers’ cars, helping with raffles and BBQs, and chatting with customers about BGC. The other 7 locations had support from their local youth who volunteered with fundraising. 

When Julie toured the different stores, she was moved by the incredible stories she heard from customers. “They spoke of how BGC had changed their life’s trajectory, crediting BGC for their current success,” she says. “The stories seemed endless and served as a powerful reminder of the profound impact that BGC has had on peoples’ lives.”   

The day was a huge success with the stores raising more than $16,000 for BGC Ottawa. This money will go towards helping BGC Ottawa give children a safe space, provide them with healthy snacks, after-school care, recreational opportunities, and enriching summer camp experiences. Recognizing the success of the day, Julie is confident that this was the first of what will become an annual event for our stores. 

“The remarkable success of events like BGC Day is a direct result of the collective effort by all 11 stores,” says Julie.  

“Our store managers share a genuine passion and commitment to making a positive difference in our community. Through their exceptional leadership and collaborative spirit, we can create a meaningful impact across our communities. We are grateful for our amazing colleagues who play a crucial role in bringing our ideas to life and ensuring the continued success of these events.”