April 15, 2020

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Galen with some great news about the PC Insiders Project

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re keeping well. I’ve got some totally different news today. Consider it a bit of break from all the COVID-19 stuff. Something most of us could use these days.

Now that we’re all at home, we’re spending even more time online: checking in with family and friends, binge watching shows, and posting updates on social media. The other thing we’re all doing more of is cooking — or at least trying to cook. Figuring out what to have for dinner every night is stressful enough when you can quickly stop for groceries, restaurants are open, and food delivery is plentiful. And that’s just one meal out of three — plus snacks. Every. Day. Not surprisingly, internet searches for recipes and food inspiration are exploding around the world. Here at President’s Choice we spend a lot of time cooking up inspirational and innovative food ideas. So, last week the team from PC Insiders came to me and suggested that we temporarily unlock the exclusive content site that we’ve been developing for our subscribers.

We call it the PC Insiders Project. It’s a website full of food content, including shows, articles, podcasts, how-to videos, and many of our absolutely favourite recipes. Have you ever wondered about the best way to peel a mango? Turns out I’ve been doing it all wrong.

If you’re into something more inspirational, check out Episode One of our Flavour Profile series: the story of Calgary restaurant Calcutta Cricket Club. If their famous Seared Paneer with Honey and Pistachios makes you as hungry as it made me, you’ll find the recipe right there. And we are delighted to introduce Cooking School, a new series featuring at least a dozen of Canada’s top chefs who’ve been making exclusive cooking videos from their home kitchens, on their phones.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious dinner idea — or any meal for that matter — check out the PC Insiders Project here.

Keep well and be kind,

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Galen Weston

One more quick thing: To our existing PC Insiders subscribers, I know some of you feel that by opening this site and dropping the PC Express pickup fees, we’re giving all your exclusive goodies away to the rest of the country. Do keep in mind, as subscribers you still get all your points multipliers when you shop. Having said that, we hear you and we will be sending something out especially for you shortly.

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