Jessica brings clarity and care to her community

May 28, 2024

Jessica standing next to a display of eyeglasses, picking up a pair.

In the town of Listowel, Ontario, Jessica Lucas, an Optician at the Zehrs store, has made a name for herself not only for her professional skills but also for her genuine passion for helping others. Since joining Loblaw in 2010, Jessica's commitment to enhancing her patients' vision has been evident in every interaction. 

Jessica's journey in eye care began with a simple desire to help people see better. "I've always believed that clear vision is a fundamental part of living a full life," she says. "Seeing the difference it makes in someone's day-to-day experiences is incredibly rewarding." 

Her dedication goes beyond fitting stylish frames and ensuring perfect vision for her patients. Outside of work, Jessica volunteers at a local retirement home, where she visits residents regularly to clean and adjust their glasses. "It's a small gesture, but it means a lot to them," she shares. "For many, it’s the difference between being able to read a book or see their family photos clearly." 

One particularly memorable experience involved helping a customer with a request for someone in Cuba who couldn't afford new glasses. The prescription was incomplete, but Jessica didn't let that stop her. Drawing on her expertise and determination, she managed to create a pair of glasses that fit perfectly. "Knowing I could help someone so far away was an incredible feeling," Jessica recalls. "It reminded me of why I love what I do." 

May is Vision Health Month, highlighting the importance of regular eye exams and proper eye care. Jessica's story is a testament to the profound impact that dedicated professionals can have on individuals' lives, both near and far.  

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