Diversity and inclusion

Embracing diversity and leading change: Bobby's journey of success

September 6, 2023

A photo of Bobby standing inside the office smiling.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our company has a long-standing commitment to be a diverse and inclusive place to work and shop. This is an important part of our purpose - Live Life Well - and our culture and values. Bobby Gale (they/them), Director, Analytical & Data Platforms at Loblaw, has long been an embodiment of this commitment, showcasing how a passion for DEI can shape a successful and impactful career. 

Bobby's journey at Loblaw began in 2006, at store-level working in General Merchandise. Over the years, they steadily progressed, earning trust, and building strong connections within the organization. In 2011, they transitioned to an office role, setting the stage for their transformative leadership. 

Although Bobby has always been an advocate for gender equity, they courageously stepped forward to catalyze change at Loblaw after they were outed as genderfluid. Recognizing the needs of their community, Bobby championed gender-inclusive bathrooms across all offices, a tangible step towards inclusivity.  

Pronouns, often overlooked, became a focal point for change. Bobby advocated for their inclusion in email signatures and on colleague nametags. This seemingly small step can have a huge impact, “when cisgender colleagues use their pronouns, it provides a safe space for a trans person to share theirs,” says Bobby. 

As a leader, Bobby’s team mirrors the diversity they champion. With 66% of their team represented by women and varied educational backgrounds, Bobby’s team has thrived under the shadow they cast. 

This year, Bobby’s courage and allyship are being recognized externally as a Catalyst Next Generation Leader award winner. This significant achievement will be celebrated at an awards ceremony on November 15.