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The cover of the ESG report, which is a collection of images of different colleagues in stores.
Jody sits outside in her backyard on the couch. 
Health and wellness

Jody’s team is here to support you

When Jody Nelson started her career as a nurse, she didn’t ever expect to work in mental health. “I was naïve, thinking I could just steer clear of this entire area,” she says. “But as soon as you start working in any clinical setting, you realize mental health has a thread through every clinical area.”

James stands inside the fill site holding a large bottle filled with tablets.
Health and wellness

James helps reduce plastic waste

There’s a plastic-saving campaign going on behind the scenes at your local Shoppers Drug Mart® pharmacy. Or, more accurately, at the central fill sites used by high-volume stores to fill prescriptions.

Andy standing on a ski hill with snow and all his ski equipment on.
Diversity and inclusion

Andy’s big step to recovery

Laying on the snow at the base of an airbag jump in a snowboard park north of Toronto on March 1, 2014, Andy MacPherson knew he was in big trouble. He had landed on his head. “My body started to shut down; I lost all feeling and movement but I was conscious the whole time,” says Andy, Vice-President, Discount Marketing at Loblaw.

Brenda stands outside of her store on the rainbow crosswalk
Diversity and inclusion

Brenda shares her allyship journey

Brenda Bot-Drake flies her Pride flag year-round. It all began when she visited her husband’s parents in the small town of Kincardine, Ont. She noticed the community, home to about 11,000 people, had a Pride parade, a rainbow crosswalk, and businesses with Pride flags in their windows.

Jody stands in the middle of her two sons. 
Diversity and inclusion

Jody reflects on her Métis identity

Growing up, Jody Lussier knew everyone in her small town in rural Saskatchewan. Back then, St. Louis was home to just five or six families—all Métis, including Jody’s. “We’d joke that we had our own small-town slang,” she says with a laugh. “If you were going to the store, you’d say, ‘I’m goin’ to the store me.’ People would say, ‘Oh, you’re speaking with your Métis slang again.”

Belinda stands outside on the field smiling while wearing an orange Atlantic Superstore shirt that says, “Proud Community Supporter.”

Belinda is keeping Halifax’s shoreline clean

Belinda Wilson, Store Manager at a Real Atlantic Superstore® in Halifax, can’t help but care about the ocean. “Being a daughter of a fisherman, I know firsthand how garbage impacts our oceans,” she says. “And no matter where you are in Nova Scotia, you are no more than an hour away from a shoreline, so when I saw the opportunity to be a part of this initiative that works to keep our shorelines clean, I was in.”

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