8 ways Loblaw is fighting food waste

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Blurred out customers shopping inside one of our Loblaws stores. 
A photo of an iceberg melting.

Carbon initiatives Loblaw is working on in 2023

January 28th marks the International Day of Reducing CO2 emissions, which highlights the need to reduce the burning of fossil fuels that generate greenhouse gas emissions, like carbon dioxide. In honour of this day, here are 4 carbon reduction initiatives we are working on to help fight climate change and reach our target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2040.

Salil stands inside his store
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Salil is a proud Asset Protection Representative

Salil Dhanda never thought that, after just a few months living in Canada, he’d be working in his preferred field. Salil immigrated to Canada from Kenya in March 2022, after working for six years in eastern Africa, selling security systems.

A young girl holds a bag full of apples, smiling. 

Here are the Top 5 ESG stories of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we wanted to look back on some of the top stories of the year. This year marked some transformational changes - not only in the bold commitments we’ve made (spoiler – there were some BIG ones!), but also in how we talk about ESG and integrate it into everything we do.

A picture of two banana pallets showing the cardboard cornerboards used on the banana boxes.

How we diverted the weight of the Statue of Liberty in plastics

A few months into his new role as Procurement Director of Bananas, Melons, and Tropical, Sebastian Kmiecik was presented with a problem: find an alternative to the plastic cornerboards used in shipping bananas from the tropics.

An exterior shot of the new T&T supermarket in Montreal, Quebec.
Products and services

T&T comes to Montreal

For years, Montreal’s Asian residents boarded a bus to Ottawa to stock up on groceries at T&T Supermarket. Laden with bags after their shop, they’d get back on the bus for the return trip home.

A picture of the Unusually Good Food co. Boxes of apple juice. 

Loblaw supports young entrepreneurs fighting food waste and food insecurity

For many involved in the grocery industry, food waste might seem like an unfortunate but inevitable part of the business. But a group of students at Okanagan College in British Columbia is hitting back at that idea with a venture that turns the unwanted (too big, small, or unusually shaped) apples deemed unfit for sale into a sold out apple juice. “When you have a glass of their apple juice, it’s like tasting a piece of apple pie,” says Peter Boyd, owner of Peter’s Your Independent Grocer in Kelowna, which stocks the product. “The products are delicious – and it’s helping showcase Loblaw’s alignment with innovative brands that are making an impact.”

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