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Ann standing by a wall of windows wearing a turquoise dress
Technology and digital

Ann expresses her eternal gratitude

Ann Nguyen, Expert, SAP Platform, Functional Management, shares her personal story on what gratitude means to her.

 Karen standing in a health and beauty aisle in her store
Diversity and inclusion

Listen up, Karin has something to say

When she’s working in the health and beauty department at the Real Canadian Superstore® location in Nanaimo, B.C., Karin Medd carries a pen and paper. That way, if someone approaches her with a question, Karin can gesture to her ear to communicate that she’s deaf, then offer the pen and paper to the customer. The widespread use of masks due to COVID-19 makes lip-reading impossible, so these tools are key to her communication.

Claudia standing in the bulk food department
Start your career

Claudia’s best first job

When it comes to first jobs, Claudia Sinopoli says hers was the best. A bulk part-time Clerk at a Fortinos® store in Vaughan, Ont., she cites the friendly employees and positive work environment as the biggest reasons why someone should consider working for the company—but they’re not the only things she loves about her job.

Two Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacists, a man and a woman, facing the camera
Health and wellness

How our pharmacies can play a critical role in helping save lives

This summer, Abed Mitha, Pharmacy Manager at the Loblaws® store located at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, helped save a life. It was a regular day in June. Abed was at work behind the pharmacy counter when a bystander rushed into the store looking for him. The bystander told Abed that a woman had overdosed and passed out across the street.

Jane, standing at the front of a grocery store cash lane

Jane’s mom knows best

When she was 15 years old, Jane Copeland Smith got a job at a Loblaws® store— not exactly of her own free will. “All my friends were applying at the mall and I wanted to work at the mall with them,” Jane recalls. “But my mom said, ‘No, get a job at the Loblaws® store.’"

Daniel standing outside the cab of his truck

Daniel's in the driver's seat

Daniel Moreau has been driving trucks for 51 years, and has his routine down. He alternates between driving five days on, two days off and four days on, three days off, making sure groceries get from the distribution centre in Regina to customers four hours away in Prince Albert, Sask.

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